and I’ll touch the sun.
Такое затишье с лета... Впрочем, приветствую всех и очень надеюсь на помощь. :з

Every mistake that you watched me make, I made again.
Sat up wide-awake, a coma sounds great... now send me down.

And if you are, unhappy well you know the worst isn't here,
You'll fall into another's arms before I re-appear here.

Out in the sticks the sun called in sick for weeks on end.
There's passport controls and oceans of road between us now.

Through countryside to the industry, the routine hits full swing.
I'm taking to the stage tonight with a broken wing.

Things that I lose I find I don't need once I know they're gone,
But that can't be you because what we've been though is valuable.

Clear my lungs, set my breating right,
The violence, the blood sport, the bias, the difference,
The codec for a love at first sight,
Kills the money worry, sets the bias, the difference.

It's embarrassing, embarrassing, broken wing.

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